On This Side of the World

Access Theatre "On This Side of the World"
Photo by: Michael Kushner

The heartwarming Lantern in the Window, performed by Joanne Javien and inspired by the Filipino holiday tradition, deserves to become a fresh new Christmas classic for America’s annual Yuletide playlist.



Jed Ryan

Lavendar After Dark

There are several standouts including "Ay, Americka," a hysterical comedic operetta featuring...Joanne Javien as church ladies who gossip—gossip being the unofficial Olympic sport of the Philippines.

There are also appropriately somber moments, including a duet between two of the most visible and stereotypical Filipina professions in New York—a nanny and a nurse, played by the luminous...Joanne Javien. The two reflect on their mixed feelings of being a traditional “light of the home” with families other than their own.



Maria Paz Alegre

Theatre is Easy

Mamma Mia

Cape Fear Regional Theatre "Mamma Mia"
With Heather Setzler and Nicki Hart
Photo by: Raul Rubiera Photography

Joanne Javien played Donna, Sophie’s mother, with the dramatic passion one would expect from the lead of Donna and the Dynamos, her throw-back 70s trio. Her rendition of “The Winner Takes It All” was superb.

Prudence Mainor

Up & Coming Weekly

Highlights included Javien’s raise the roof show-stopper, “The Winner Takes It All.”

Rodger Mullen

Fayetteville Observer

South Pacific

STAGES St. Louis "South Pacific"
With Matthew Hydzik
Photo by: Peter Wochniak

Joanne Javien, as Bloody Mary, is bloody marvelous, the best thing in the show, and you know how I feel about Bloody Mary.  Her "Bali Ha'i" is a dream.


Eugene Paul


Joanne Javien delivers it with an insinuating mix of greed and lewdness, putting her performance high on the list of things to "Like" about Westchester Broadway Theatre's revival.


John P. Mc Carthy

For the Journal News

Joanne Javien makes a smaller, scrappier, actually prettier Bloody Mary than you've seen before.  Make no mistake, Mary is still a force of nature as the blunt, plain-spoken horse trader and matchmaker on the island who always has a deal to make.  But Javien isn't a joke or stereotype.  She gives Mary emotional depth.



Bob Curtright

Wichita Eagle

Javien wraps up that scene with an exotic ode to Bali Ha'i, the special island.  Javien, who is more attractive than most actresses I have seen play Bloody Mary, makes the mystery of Bali Ha'i come through with lilting, lush, broad sweeps of her voice.  Really she takes one of the weaker songs in the score and because of the power of her voice, makes it into a promise that keeps.



John F. Bailey

White Plains CitizeNet Reporter

Les Misérables

North Shore Music Theater "Les Misérables"
With Charles Hagerty

The heroic Eponine is wonderfully played by Joanne Javien. Her fantastic voice is heard in "On My Own" where she decides to stand by Marius even though he is in love with Cosette and after she is fatally shot in "A Little Fall of Rain" which is a tear jerking and emotionally draining number. Joanne gives the character a backbone with an endearing quality which makes the audience root for her.



Tony  Annicone

The Theater Mirror

The one performer who truly opens herself to her role - fully inhabiting it, and not just acing a familiar set piece - is Joanne Javien as the lovelorn Eponine.



Sandy MacDonald

Boston Globe Correspondent

It is Joanne Javien as the unrequited yet noble Eponine, though, who turns their sweet duet "A Heart Full of Love" into a truly heartbreaking and romantic trio. She and the young Hoffman as Gavroche are the standouts in this production.



Jan Nargi